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  • Classic Hamster

    Hamster is a local server for news and mail Hamster is a local server for news and mail. Its a windows 32-bit application. It allows the use of multiple news- and mail server and combines them to one mail- and newsserver
  • Thinc Mail 1.06

    Thinc-mail can POP (receive mail) or SMTP (send mail) to any third party mail server on the market today. Thinc-mail includes the ability to share common address books with other users in the office all that is
  • nPOP 1.1.0

    This software allows you to access e-mail on a POP3 mail Server on your Pocket PC or PC. It provides the function of common remote e-mail access. The mail displayed by nPOP is only the mail on the present on the
  • FetchYahoo 2.13.6

    FetchYahoo is a Perl script that downloads mail from a Yahoo! account to a local mail spool. It is meant to replace Fetchmail for people using Yahoo! mail since Yahoo!'s Pop Service no longer free. It downloads messages
  • Mail Redirect 2.1.402

    The easy to use E-mail Redirecting tool. It can be used to share the mail between multiple mailboxes. With mail Redirect you can automatically synchronize your Office and Home mailboxes and get access to office mail from
  • JBMai 3.2

    JBmail is a compact and portable secure e-mail client that supports SSL/TLS encrypted POP3 and SMTP. access mail online without using local storage. Delete spam or large attachments without having to download them!
  • Weasel 1.0

    Weasel is a mail server supporting the POP3 and SMTP protocols. You need a mail server if you want to set up your computer to accept mail for multiple users. The SMTP component sends and receives the mail, and the POP3
  • WebToGo Mobile Internet for Pocket PC 4.1

    WebToGo is everything you need to take the Internet with you: full blown access to the web, e-mail and our unique one-tap wireless connection. Our Assistant One-tap internet access - wherever you are. No need to
  • Outlook Mail Finder 1.2

    Outlook mail Finder is a fast mail finding application for Microsoft Outlook. The application is made to make mail searches fast - even on a Microsoft Exchange Server. The application indexes specified mail folders into
  • Mail Access Monitor for Alt-N MDaemon 3.9c

    It is hard to imagine an office without access to e-mail. E-mail is often the number one business tool, responsible for effective communication, making sales, providing support and generating leads. mail access Monitor
  • Hamster Tools 2.1

    Hamster is a local server for news and mail. It's a windows-32-bit-program. It allows the use of multiple news- and mail Server and combines them to one mail- and newsserver for the news/mail-client. It load faster than
  • Mercury/32 Mail Transport System 4.61

    You can use inclusive software application Mercury/32 mail Transport System for sending and getting Emails on a machine or local area network. It has user friendly interface that is very easy to use for everyone. It
  • HotApoc - Hotmail Gateway 1.0

    HotApoc is a program that enables you to send and receive mail through a Hotmail account.With HotApoc installed you can access your Hotmail account using any e-mail program such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape
  • AD File Transmitter 1.5.2

    AD File Transmitter is an application, allows you to automate frequent file transfer operations between different offices or different computers and process data replication tasks. The files anf group of files can be
  • Command Line POP Client 1.10

    Receive your e-mails to a local directory Receive your e-mails to a local directory The Command Line POP Client utility will allow you to receive your e-mails to a local directory. This e-mail POP client is robust
  • JanaServer

    The JanaServer 2 is amongst other things a proxy server, that makes it possible for LAN members, everyone or a group as a part of the LAN, to access the internet via a Modem, ISDN or DSL connection. For this the program
  • MobileMe Button 2.2

    Dot Mac has been upgraded to Mobile Me, and so has the Dot Mac Button. Now you can access all your MobileMe Mac apps and web pages from this tiny widget. Click on the left or right sides of the widget to move the widget
  • SolMailProxy

    SolmailProxy is a local SMTP Proxy Server to Prevent a mail from being delivered to unauthorized recipients. SolMaiProxy receives a mail from a mail client and shows to confirm recipients of the mail to be authorized or
  • MrPostman 1

    MrPostman is an email gateway from local POP clients like Microsoft Outlook, Mozillas mail client etc. to different web mail services like Yahoo and Hotmail. It is being designed for extensibility so is easy to add more
  • Windows Live Mail 2012 16.4.3508

    Manage all of your e-mail accounts including Hotmail and third party accounts from within Windows Live mail. Now you don't have to log in to multiple accounts to check all your e-mail! Top features Send photos over
  • Microsoft Word 97 Update: Word Mail Merge Vulnerab 00

    The Word 97 mail Merge Security Update protects you from a vulnerability in the mail merge function in Word with access databases as a data source. Because the mail merge function in Word can allow an access database to
  • Kernel for NSF Local Security Removal 9.10.01

    Remove NSF local database security with much ease and efficacy using imminent Kernel for NSF local Security Removal software. It removes local security while maintaining the NSF file integrity; there is no hampering
  • Compass Universal Mail Client 2.80.10

    The Compass Universal mail Client by Compass Soft allows you to access all of your Internet e-mail accounts; Gmail, Yahoo mail, or Windows Live mail and even any two custom e-mail providers of your choice, in a single
  • Desktop Weather by The Weather Channel 5.01.03

    Get instant access to your local temperature and to severe-weather alerts. This program includes one-click access in your system tray to detailed local weather conditions and information on locations worldwide, including
  • PC2Me 4.40.017

    PC2Me, a family of iPhone Applications for remote control of your Windows PC, using your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or any Safari browser to access and control it from anywhere, over 3G or inside your local Wi-Fi network.
  • eTracker Agent 2.7.2

    eTracker is a service to confirm your e-mail delivery status. By using eTracker Agent program, you can access to the eTracker service including creating your trackers, tracking the delivery status and getting reader's
  • Mail Checker 3.5

    mail Checker is a small, but useful program for checking mail via the POP3 and IMAP protocols. It solves two problems that usually appear when work with e-mail:1) Checking for new messages automatically.2) Deleting
  • 4TOPS Mail Merge for Microsoft Access 5.0.66

    You want to use the data stored in Microsoft access in all kinds of documents easily without retyping. Use 4TOPS mail Merge for Microsoft access to create both simple and complex documents: letters, emails, quotations,
  • Secur-e-mail for Windows 1.20

    Secur-e-mail will encrypt the communication between your e-mail client (e.g. Outlook) and the POP3 server using an SSH connection. No server-side installation is needed. The software runs on a Windows system tray. It
  • PST Mail Server for Outlook 1.2.0

    access your Outlook?? e-mails on the way without the need of Exchange??! With the PST mail Server for Outlook?? you can access all your e-mails saved in your local Microsoft Outlook?? installation on the way without the