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  • Local IP & Host 1.0

    Local IP & Host is a simple tiny tool to retrieve the local IP address and Host
  • Active Local Pages (local/per seat) 1.2

    Active Local Pages is an ASP (Active Server Pages) and CGI engine and several additional tools (Viewer with extended DHTML, Installer, Huge pack of
  • FlashGet Download - Download and manage files(such as movies mp3) 2.7

    FlashGet is specifically designed to address two of the biggest problems when downloading files: Speed and management of downloaded files. If you've
  • Local IO 1.5

    Local IO is an object oriented .NET assembly that supports the development of OPC DA 2.0 clients by encapsulating all of the OPC communications
  • Get Host IP 1.2

    Tool to lookup and find IP address information in the DNS (Domain Name System).
  • Get IP and Host 1.4.3

    Get IP and Host 1.4.3is made to be a smart and proper tool to lookup and find IP address and Host name information. Requirements: MS Windows XP,
  • VST Host 1.52

    A program to run VST-compatible plugins. A program to run VST-compatible plugins. VST Host application was designed to be a program that will help
  • Host 1.1

    You can get to know about the hosts that are maintained by domain server by using handy software utility Host. For getting information, it is using
  • Host Spy 0.4

    On a shared hosting, HostSpy addon is a free useful tool to find out who current website's ip neighbors are. The Host Spy extension displays the host
  • Local Talk 1.0.0

    Send instant messages up to 128 character long to your office colleagues. Simplay add other computer names or IPs and start sending messages. They do
  • Local Keylogger Pro 5.91

    Local Keylogger Pro allows you to monitor all users' activity on any computers in real time and record each computer's usage history. Local Keylogger
  • Local Cooling 1.04

    You can decrease the emission of Greenhouse Gas by optimizing energy savings with free power management tool LocalCooling. It provides you detailed
  • ContentWays Local 1.4

    Now you can easily search your desire files and files contents by using Indexing Service based software application ContentWays Local. It has user
  • Schmap Local 1.2

    Schmap Local is a clever little browser plug-in that: Recognizes and saves addresses and phone numbers as you browse the web; integrates with Skype,
  • BlastStation-Local 1.4

    BlastStation-Local is specialized to local NCBI-Blast search on your PC. BlastStation-Local provides NCBI-Blast search capability at affordable price
  • Sitrad Local

    Sitrad Local can help you to facilitate and simplify the management of refrigeration, heating, air conditioning and solar heating systems. This
  • Local Equalization 1.0

    This plugin proceeds in every pixel to a local equalization of the Luminosity, with a matrix of 17x17 Pixels. From an artistic point of view, local
  • Local IP Lister N/A

    Paessler Local IP Lister shows the list of IP addresses that are configured on your PC. Paessler Local IP Lister shows the list of IP addresses

    PASSPORT PC TO HOST is a powerful Windows-based terminal emulation suite designed specifically for TCP/IP communication to IBM mainframe, AS/400, and
  • Web-Host-Uploader 105

    Web-Host-Uploader is a simple FTP tool which uploads local website changes to a web host with a single click replacing the need to manually upload

    PASSPORT WEB TO HOST is a powerful web-based terminal emulation suite designed for IP communication to IBM mainframe, AS/400, and UNIX applications.
  • NBT Host Monitor 1.0

    As a unique NBT monitor tool in the world, NBT Host Monitor is quite powerful and has graphic user Interfaces . It could monitor thousands of windows
  • Host Evaluator 1.0

    Finally there is a way that you can analyze web hosts before you pull out your credit card and make the move. With the Host Evaluator software you
  • Meeting Pal Host 1.00

    Meeting Pal is software that enables people to meet over the Internet or computer network. Once setup it's easy to use. It comes with a number of
  • New Script Host 8.0

    Advanced Script Host(engine.exe) enables you to run scripts from Windows. Engine.exe provides any dialog window for accessing from script. Whether
  • TaskPortal Host 3.2

    TaskPortal is an easy to use Collaboration Extranet, Task Management & Project Management System. It makes working together with your teams, clients
  • z/Scope Web-to-Host

    Scope We-to-Host is a great Cybele application that is fully featured browser based Terminal Emulation for accessing to AS/400, IBM Mainframes and
  • Portable Get IP and Host 1.3.18

    Portable Get IP and Host is a lightweight utility that was designed in order to provide you with a simple means of looking up and finding IP addresses
  • TeamViewer Host 6.0.11117

    TeamViewer Host is running as a system service and is used for 24/7 access to remote computers, including login/logout and remote reboot - optimized
  • Check Host 1.1.2

    To monitor a server or service of a server you can use Program Check Host. Thus define which host or Ip address should be monitored. Moreover you can
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  • PC-in-IE 4.7

    PC in Internet Explorer (PC-in-IE) is a secure and simple software to allow you to access your PC via Internet Explorer on another PC from anywhere in the world, as long as both PCs are connected to the
  • Host Info 1.0.1

    Gathers host information for the local machine: its standard host name (for local access), its network/internet host name, and its IP
  • Local IP & Host 1.0

    local IP & host is a simple tiny tool to retrieve the local IP address and host
  • SANsurfer FC HBA Manager 5.0.1

    The SANsurfer HBA Manager application prevents the user from connecting to the same host more than once (to save system resources and address policy issues). This requires that all host IP addresses MUST resolve to a
  • MBar IP Detector 3.1 Alpha

    MBar I.P Detector is a program which detects your local I.P host and shows it right in front of your screen. The program is very free to use and doesn't require special computer knowledge. Features - local host
  • EMU SSH Suite 1.0

    The EMU SSH Suite consists of two free tools for Windows. You probably don't use PuTTY, the secure terminal application, very often. In fact, most people never need it. But you may find FileZilla, the secure file
  • PicRip

    PicRip allows you to download many images from a website, without having to navagate to each image, and right click>save as on every single one. The only catch is that they have to be incremented (ie host/image01.jpg,
  • dsn2csv 1.0

    dsn2csv continues the BitDaddys.COM tradition by offering the programmer a tool that allows for fast, flexible and simple access to the local host computer's ODBC table information. Please click on the above link to
  • JDiskExplorer Pro 2.2

    JDiskExplorer is a JFileUpload add-on that provides an explorer-like frontend. It allows to browse remote Folders and upload/download files and folders. Features: JDiskExplorer works with all main features of
  • EasyNetMonitor Pro

    EasyNetMonitor Pro is a lightweight and useful piece of software designed to test if a remote PC or other internet host is reachable across a network. Simply open EasyNetMonitor Pro icon in tray and get info about
  • Subnetting Calculator.NET 1.5

    Subnetting Calculator.NET was designed with network administrators in mind. Just enter in the the IP address or Network address and the select the Subnetmask. You will then know what network the address is on, all other
  • Map tong hop VN 1.0

    host Key : -kick p... , -rg , -exit ( host Key Chi Danh Cho P1) host Key : -xe ( Ban Xe Dc 1 Xe Limo Nhung Se Mat 3000 Vang') [ host Key Dang Cho Tat Cac ] http:/warhome.game.gg Category: Other Tileset: Dalaran
  • CoRe-PA 0.3 Alpha

    CoRe-PA was developed to be a tool for reconstructing the coevolutionary History of host Parasite systems. CoRe-PA is an Eclipse RCP application. You don't need to install the software. Just UnZip the archive to a local
  • Web-Host-Uploader 105

    Web-host-Uploader is a simple FTP tool which uploads local website changes to a web host with a single click replacing the need to manually upload with an FTP client. For webmasters who create and maintain websites
  • FastResolver 1.22

    Resolves multiple host names / IP addresses. FastResolver is a small utility that resolves multiple host names into IP addresses and vice versa. You can simply type the list of IP addresses or host name that you want
  • loopBlock 1.2b

    LoopBlock is a utility that does hostname and IP address "blocking" by creating loopback entries for each domain name specified. This will force domains that the user attempts to reach "loop back" to the local machine.
  • Microsoft Office 2010 KMS Host License Pack 1

    An Office 2010 KMS host is required if you want to use KMS activation for your volume license editions of Office 2010 suites or applications, Microsoft Project 2010 or Microsoft Visio 2010. When Office 2010 volume
  • Host Administrator 1.0

    host Administrator (213 kB- Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP) is a freeware 32-bit program that can administrate the TCP/IP hosts file for your local network. The hosts file in your Windows directory is used for the
  • FTP Site Manager 1.0

    A simple yet powerful tool to upload your site and manage your web server. Set up the connection to your host. You will see your files on your host as a simple folder. The two pane design makes it easy to upload files
  • PowerBlog 2.4.30

    A powerful and intuitive Windows desktop blogging application. Post blog entries to your XML-RPC/Blogger API host, FTP host, or other
  • XP Remote Timer 1.0

    This program allows the Network Administrator to set a timer to shutdown, restart any computer within the local area network, including the host computer. It also allows the network administrator to Logoff the host
  • 4Shared PLG 2.0

    DISCLAIMER: This application does not host any file from 4shared, it just helps the users to do Fast downloads of files they want. All files are hosted on 4shared's servers, we do not host any files. Mobiloucos is not
  • IPfinder 1.03

    Transforms IP->host & host(s)->IP(s). Tip: If the "host" field is null,click "Resolve" and you'll get your
  • Video Bookmarks for Firefox 0.9.6

    The Video Bookmarks button from myVidster is a video bookmarking tool that provides an quick and easy way to collect, download, backup, organize and share videos from any video host, website and blog. With Video
  • Alt Winsock ActiveX 1.0.1

    The Alt Winsock ActiveX 1.0.1 is an activex component for software developers. Replacement of the winsock. This activex component is a replacement version for the classic version of the winsock component. Many
  • Host Spy 0.4

    On a shared hosting, hostSpy addon is a free useful tool to find out who current website's ip neighbors are. The host Spy extension displays the host name check results with ease. Just right click on the current PaGE
  • Dynu Basic Dynamic DNS Client 3.42

    Dynu Basic Dynamic DNS client uses true dynamic DNS client/server technology to fix a Static domain name to a dynamic IP address. While this service is free, it allows Internet users with modems to host Web, FTP, mail
  • HSLAB HTTP Monitor Trace

    HSLAB Trace is a free and perfect visual replacement for the standard trace route utility. It's the fastest way to get the route between your computer and any other computer in the world. A utility that traces a packet
  • EnBackup 1.0

    Are you finding a good Cloud Storage tool? Now you get it. This is a backup tool that can backup/download your files through FTP server. At first You need to find a free or paid FTP server(such as free web host or paid
  • Host Handler 1.2

    host Handler - A simple utility to edit windows host file. The purpose of the utility is to give you a better control to make the internet browsing fast and secure. A host file actually redirects the url mentioned in