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  • BeeBEEP 0.4.72 Beta

    BeeBEEP is a secure network chat. You can talk with all your friends inside a local area network such of an office, home or internet cafe without a server. The goal is to develop the application for SymbianOS so you can
  • Boogy Chat 1.9.5

    Boogy chat is not just a chat for local networks. This chat was and is still being designed with the only objective, namely, to have a pleasure from the talk. Main Options: - Common chat. - Private talk. - talk to
  • IC Talk 1.0

    IC talk is a user-friendly network program.With IC talk, you can use your Multimedia computer to start a voice talk,text chat, send file,WhiteBoard, or find online user on the LAN . The program runs in the background,
  • BFG Chat Client 1.17

    BFG chat is a chat application with customizable list of avatar images, multiple channels, skins (you can assign different skins to different channels), private messages (from the main window and in special windows),
  • IMBoss Google Talk Sniffer Monitor 1.90526

    Monitor Google talk Messenger Conversations on your LAN,query logs,export Html or excel fiel!'IMBoss Google talk Sniffer Monitor' is a network visibility tool to capture conversations of a Google talk chat in your local
  • Messenger Detect 4.06

    Monitor and record all MSN chats, AOL (AIM) chat, Yahoo chat, facebook chat, Farm Town chat, MySpace chat, ICQ chat, and Google talk web gadget chat on your local network automatically and secretly! It's the one for ALL!
  • Lanslim 1.3.1

    Lanslim (local Area network Server Less Instant Messaging) does exactly what his name says it does. It enables people to talk with jobmates thanks to private chatroom. Features * Simple or group chat *
  • Net-C 0.2.0 beta

    Net-C is a multi-platform chat software for Lan. So you can talk to any person on you network very easy! It has some key features like: * it needs no server * it needs no installation * chat and group chat *
  • BuddyFuse for Windows Live Messenger

    BuddyFuse connects Windows Live Messenger with third party chat and social networks. Features: Add features from Google talk, Twitter and Hyves chat with friends on Google talk from Messenger chat with friends on
  • Google Talk Labs Edition

    Features of the Google talk Gadget on your desktop (emoticons, group chat, and more!) Google talk, Labs Edition is an experimental release of the Google talk client. It has many of the same great features as the Google
  • Talk.to

    talk.to is a FREE multi protocol instant messaging (MIM) platform talk.to - Best chat across Facebook, Google talk, Pingpong & SMS talk.to is a FREE multi protocol instant messaging (MIM) platform that lets you chat
  • Stranger Chat 1.0

    Anonymous chat one-on-one with a complete stranger. Similar to Omegle chat. talk to a Guy or a Girl. No login or account required. Stranger chat, created by GettingRandom.com, lets you chat anonymously with others on
  • Noraa Chat

    Noraa chat is a chat application that allows you to chat with other users around you that are on your local Area network ONLY. The chat program checks for updates automatically so there is no need for you to keep
  • NetStorm CPI 2.25

    To contact and chat with friends all around the world securely NetStorm CPI uses Internet and becomes a medium to perform this action. Its different possible modes of working are connection by a local network
  • KurdTalk 4.0

    Biggest kurd chat site on the net, chat with your kurdish friends on kurdish chat kurd talk kurdtalk kurdchat kurdtalk kurd chat kurdm kurdim kurdi.In fact, the use of 123 Flash chat is fairly simple and straight, you
  • PopMessenger 1.62

    LeadMind Software delivered instant communication method i.e. PopMessenger that include all communication tools and don't need use of third party or dedicated servers. It is LAN based instant messenger that allow you
  • LANcet Chat 2.3.300

    LANcet chat is a chatting application intended to work on a LAN without installing a chat server. You only need to run chat on each PC and up to 20 users of local area network inside single subnet will be able to chat
  • VoiceCom 2.0

    A voice communication program for your PC. A voice communication program for your PC. VoiceCom was designed to be a voice communication program for PCs connected to a local network. VoiceCom behaves like a "push to
  • World of Chat Messenger 2.4

    World of chat messenger is an instant messenger program that enables you to talk to friends in live chat online, World of chat messenger also has the facility to live video chat with friends, it's a fun way to keep
  • Simple Network Chat 1.0

    The Simple network chat application was developed to be a basic little local network chat tool that communicates via shared Folders. Designed for use in homes when there are lots of different computers and possibly
  • EChat -

    Echat is a handy UDP chat tool, which uses a client / server model. You can use the server to enable your friends to connect to yout network and talk to them. You can also choose your nick (max length 14). It's never
  • Facebook Chat Monitor Sniffer 1.2

    The powerful and handy network utility Facebook chat Monitor Sniffer is used for capturing and monitoring the Face book chat messages on the local area network. It is capable of recording conversation automatically as
  • Network Chat 1.41

    network chat is a LAN chat utility that offers a clean interface, emoticons, private messages, sounds, and privacy all in an Internet-style chat window. Included with the package are several .WAV files for use as
  • PeerAware 1.11

    Group chat software with file sharing support. You can share as many files as you like in a closed group. The chat keeps a log of recent chat history. Works both across the Internet and within a local
  • YeeChat Free Video Chat Room 1.0

    You can access the video/text chat by clicking an icon on your desktop without visiting any website. You can enjoy free video/audio chat on Yeechat, which is a free high-load social network / chat website. It has
  • Maple Messenger 1.1

    Features Audio People can talk with each other throughout the meeting. Two different talk mode: "chairman mode" and "freelance mode", during "chairman mode", one person talk, all others listen, during "freelance mode",
  • XChat-WDK 1489

    Xchat-WDK is an IRC chat program. It allows you to join multiple IRC channels (chat rooms) at the same time, talk publicly, private one-on-one conversations etc.It can give you a totally new experience about
  • Chrome Messenger 1.0

    chat And Have Video talk! Using Google
  • InterChat 3

    Interchat is a very simple program that allows people to talk over a local Area network (a LAN). Interchat is ideal for schools, colleges and small business, although it will work on any LAN network. Interchat
  • PenyuComm 1.5.0

    PenyuComm is a LAN chat application to exchange message among co-workers. PenyuComm allow users to send message to other computers in local area network. PenyuComm make use of only one chat screen even with multiple